Jan Sromek

Product manager & Designer

15+ years experience of building travel & local marketplace, ecommerce, fintech and video projects.

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I can help you with:

  1. 1User research, analytics, product hacking
  2. 2Product idea, prototyping, UX/UI design
  3. 3Product management, Growth hacking & A/B testing

Vaclav Strupl

Partner at Miton.cz
Jan is one of the most talented designers I know in a very broad meaning of the word "designer".

He is strongly empathetic to users needs and works both with data/analytics and heuristics as well as with his great intuition and creativity. He can deliver full-stack solutions starting with the definition of needs and initial idea generation through design, mockups and prototypes to final coding/programming and finished product.

In the last 10 years, I worked with Jan on quite a few different projects and I always appreciated his deep insights and infinite energy. I can truly recommend him as both professional contractor and reliable employee.

Peter Irikovsky

Jan is a unique character. He has lots of ideas, but what differentiates him from other product managers are 2 aspects:
1. He is also a designer. Hence he doesn’t deliver just a high-level idea, but always brings the visual and can iterate on it very quickly
2. He is extremely impact driven. We went through hundreds of A/B tests together and I must humbly admit that Jan was much better than I was at predicting the impact.

Thanks to this combination, we were able to increase Slevomat’s conversion by more than 20%, which enabled the company to turn profitable.

Marie Havlickova

CEO Slevomat.cz

Jan is a super valuable member of the team, as he always lives and breathes the projects he undertakes. Although his proficiency lies in product management and design, he can always tackle the task from broader perspective and other stakeholders' eyes.

Thanks to that, he is able to combine customer centric approach with business value and deliver measurable results.

I was always fascinated by his influx of new ideas driven by continuous status quo challenging.

My work

2010 – 2017


Product & Design & Growth hacking (all in one)

Slevomat.cz is the largest daily deals website in Czechia. In 2017 Slevomat.cz was sold to Secret Escapes for cca 2 bilion CZK

I was member of top management responsible for design, product management and marketing (mainly inbound). My goal was to create a great product with top user-experience using data analytics and customer research. I was the only member who was delivering the final design and product specification for more than 3 years (from daily traffic 10k – 200k).

Main projects

Designing the website (desktop & mobile)

Creating catalogue of travel, local, fashion and other deals, shopping cart, user profile and more.

Specification for sorting & relevancy algorithm

I created the new sorting alghortihm which was used for web, email, banners and it was proved by A/B test.

Creating customer lifecycle emailing

Creating personalised email newsletter based on customer profile and recent events. This lifecycle generated more than 30% revenue at that time.

Partner merchant platform

Platform for selling local deals, goods or travel deals. www.slevomat.cz/partner.

Executing PR campaign Zaměstnání snů

Campaign for dream job called “Zamestnani snu”. A guy who would verify all deals by himself. We got 250 videos in 2011 and more than 10 mentions in the main medias.

Online marketing

Executing first video campaigns on YouTube (CZ). Creating dynamic campaigns on Adwords/Seznam.cz using internal relevancy algorithm.

A/B testing

AB testing of sorting algorithm, layout experiences, upsell and more.

UX/UI design



Co-Founder, Product & Design

OutdoorVisit.com is platform for booking outdoor experiences handpicked by experts.

I am responsible for design, branding, product development and online marketing. More about project in Forbes article (CZ)

UX/UI design



Personal project, Product & Design

Top inspiration for last minute getaways in Czechia.

This is my personal project. Handpicked hotels, pensions and chalets with realtime available dates.


Hele.cz (app & web)

Co-founder, Product & Design

Last minute deals on restaurants, hotels and salons & spa with online reservation and very simple redemption.

I was co-founder of this project which was owned by Slevomat.cz and I was responsible for design, product development and marketing.

UX/UI design

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TIN (IČO): 73295779 | VAT: CZ8504065581

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