Jan Sromek

I am a designer with 11 years experience focusing on e-commerce projects and conversion optimization. I am currently working on project www.slevomat.cz as a product manager & designer.

You can find me on Dribbble, Twitter, LinkedIn, somewhere in Prague or send me an email at jan@sromek.cz


Slevomat.cz is the largest daily deal/bulk discount website in the Czech Republic. Slevomat.cz is one of the most successful startups in Czech and I have been there since the beginning (2010–present).

I am responsible for design, product development and marketing (mainly inbound). My goal is to increase ecommerce rate and gain more relevant visitors. I have managed AB tests to validate my product design decisions.

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The biggest food delivery company in Czech

I designed logo, splash page, restaurant list and profile of restaurant (2013)



The first czech internet TV

I was responsible for design and increasing average time spent on web. (2007-2009)


Seznam.cz - O nás

About page for the most visited site (search engine) in Czech Republic.



Czech TV show for kids.


Other projects

Selected works since 2004